Chicago Irish American Bar Association

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About us

The Chicago Irish American Bar Association was formed in March, 2012. The association aims to connect legal practitioners who share an Irish heritage or affinity, and bring together a vibrant Irish-American community in the legal profession here in Chicago. In doing so, the Association hopes to sponsor, foster, encourage and otherwise provide for increased appreciation and awareness of Irish and Irish-American history and culture among the members of the Association and the people of Chicago.

The members of the CIABA feel keenly the importance of “giving back” to young lawyers, students, and legal professionals. In doing so, the Association will, beginning this year, provide for individual placements of Irish law students in the chambers of Judges, and the offices of law firms here in Chicago for a ten to twelve week period. This will enable members of the association to build relationships with Irish student-participants, and the wider Irish legal community. The aim is to forge a lasting connection between legal bodies, organizations, and individuals in Ireland and Chicago, and maintain a close link with the legal professions of both. You can read more about our international student programs.